Thursday, October 28, 2010

from the vault - regency poke bonnet

Halloween is right around the corner (this Sunday to be exact.) I love Halloween.  I guess it's the actor in me, but I love finding reasons to dress up and pretend to be someone else.

My favorite costumes are the period ones.  Last year as I was 8 months plus pregnant, my choices were very limited. I whipped up a passable Regency costume and decided to make a poke bonnet from an old straw hat I had lying around the house.  It was the best thing from the costume and not a bad try for my first attempt at millinery. Everything was hand-stitched and hand glued.  The white ruffle insert is actually a separate mob cap I had in my costume trove that I decided to wear that night as well. (We had been out in the rain and damp watching my husband's goddaughter dance at a Halloween event. I thought it best to wear as many layers to keep warm.)

I found instructions and a video how to make the bonnet here:

I've always loved the Regency period.  My love of Jane Austen, perhaps?  Here's a late night related giggle for anyone out there.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

words to go

I am an arts and crafts supplies horder (I'll admit it). And I'm a sucker for a bargain to boot.  So when I stumbled upon Words To Go - and it was selling for $1.50.  I snapped it up quickly.

Originally stuffed in a small chinese takeout type container, it was full to the brim with 2 sided words and phrases ready to be used in all sorts of artsy situations.  I transferred it to a bigger empty container I had on hand so I could rummage through it easily.  Interesting stuff.

I made my first random "words to go" free verse poem too ( just by randomly picking our pieces while having my eyes closed)

my forevermore destined
i cannot dance the night away
believed in giving
perpetual, ever glamorous
picturesque rejuvenation

Thursday, October 21, 2010

song for the evening

trip to berlin, massachusetts

Over the weekend we went to visit some friends in Massachusetts.  It was a lovely Autumn weekend, with cool, crisp weather.  A visit to Old Sturbridge Village and some pumpkin picking was on the agenda.  A good time was had by all.

me . .at a craft fair?

Well, I've just been accepted to sell items at a local craft fair. This is a first for me, so I'm a bit excited and a bit intimidated at the same time.  I'm limited to one card table to display my wares, and am planning on doing a mix of my baked goods (I'm thinking cookies mostly) and my princess baskets.

The task at hand now is to decide what to make, how to package it and how to display it.

Here are some pics of my past endeavors:

More baking pictures can be seen here: "Sweet Things for your Tummy"

And some of my princess baskets and items

Princess Alexa's pearl circlet

Princess Josephine's basket

Contents of Princess Alexa's basket

                     Princess Rosyln's flower wreath (worn to the faerie ball)

More pics of princess items can be found here: "Sweet Things for Little Girls"

Friday, October 15, 2010

song for the evening

sketchbook project - stormy weather

I've decided to incorporate various rain related song lyrics into some of my pages.  Here is the latest - "stormy weather"

First I gessoed the page, then played around with some metallic watercolors.  After I had added the lamp black, I was unhappy with the heaviness of the color, so I lifted some of it off with a paper towel.  The result was a lovely happy accident - the stippling pattern in the center of the page.

The song lyrics were stamped with a regular ink pad, then embossed with clear powder, giving the letters a shiny, raised appearance which may not be evident in the scan below.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

song for the evening

sketchbook project - and we're off!

Not sure how I feel about the first page.  But I told myself to just do . . . don't over-think it.  So this is what I have: colour pencil background, clear stamp clouds over that and a few collage elements plus a childhood song lyric.

I think my scanner settings might be off -  I think the background looks a bit better in person than it does in the scan.

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