Thursday, May 20, 2010

mmmm . . . cocoa banana loaf

Popped over to my next door neighbor's home for lunch today.  She's home working before the birth of her twins (her first kids) next week.  She made lunch, ( a very yummy frittatta) while I baked dessert.

Cocoa Banana Loaf (studded with chocolate chips).  Rich, moist and chocolately, the cake is a little dense, but not in a bad way.  The banana actually makes one think there is some sort of liquor in the cake, but there isn't a drop.  The recipe is from the book "Baking With Flavor" by Lisa Yockelson.  I love that book.  There hasn't been a recipe yet I've tried from it that people don't love.

inspiration - sand and water

Recently I learned a friend's daughter has taken up playing the guitar ( and violin!) so I've been acting as musical Yoda for the young girl and sifting through many of my favorite acoustic guitar clips I can find on you tube.

Here's one -  Beth Nielsen Chapman - "Sand and Water"

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