Sunday, June 26, 2011

song for the evening

Also - from Jason Robert Brown's - The Last Five Years . . .

"A Summer In Ohio"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

song for the evening

From one of my favorite composer/lyricists : Stephen Sondheim.  Brilliant, brilliant man.

Friday, June 24, 2011

a beaded circlet for the princess

Hannah's beaded circlet is now finished as well.  It took me a  number of tries for this one because I could not get a combination of blue and green beads to my liking till I came upon this one.

Again, the addition of a dollar store necklace as the frontpiece does wonders.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

faerie wings

I finally finished Hannah's faerie wings.  And I must say I'm quite proud of how they turned out.

a necklace fit for a princess

I'm making headway on Hannah's princess basket order.  I'm quite proud of this necklace I just finished for her.

You can do wonders with a dollar store earring and a bunch of beads.

diaper cake bikes for a set of twins

I've been a busy bee lately in the crafting sector of my life.  Our friends and neighbors have a sweet set of twins a few months younger than my own daughter.  We went to their 1st birthday recently and I whipped up a couple of diaper cakes -  one for each of them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

i believe i can fly

Well, I am on my way with Hannah's princess basket order.  I usually try creating one new item per order to broaden my craft repetoire.

This time around, I am attempting to make a set of faerie wings for the birthday girl.  Here is my progress so far:

Things I've learned so far:

 - it is not easy to find white knee high socks.
 - remember next time to not buy them with re-inforced toes, just sandalfoot or sheer toes.
-  regardless of gauge of wire, using the knee highs will squish/shrink the inital shape you fashion.  Perhaps try to find another type of material to use.
 - try not to glop on the paint, if you want to make the wings still semi transparent and airy. Using a natural sponge to daub on paint, then run it in the sock material with your fingers.
 - wear rubber gloves when painting.
 - duct tape the end of the wings, so as not to puncture the sock
 - buy a value pack of knee highs, because you will put a run through one of them eventually, no matter how careful you are!

macaroons . . my weakness

Okay, let's be honest. Really any sort of sweet - especially any of the baked variety has and always will be my weakness.

But there is something about macaroons that gets me all giddy and warm and fuzzy inside.  Maybe it's their light, airy quality.  Perhaps the many delicious flavors of the ones I've tasted through the years.  I don't know exactly.  But if I see one.  I must try it!

I remember when my friend Deb and I were in Cape Cod and we discovered this delicious French Boulangerie.  Stood for an hour ( maybe more, I forget) for their fresh baked goods.  The packet of macaroons I got from them were divine.  I still dream about them.

Now, I am a bar/drop cookie kind of gal when it comes to my personal baking. Macaroons seem to need a little more time, and finesse.  I've been wanting to try some - and now, the urge to do so has increased when I stumbled upon this book in my shopping travels:

An entire book devoted to the cookie of my dreams!  And I've already spotted a few recipes I must try:

Unfortunately, my trial run at making these cookies will have to wait until after this latest princess basket order is done!  But when it is . .mmmmmm!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

facebook fan page for crafts

I've been working very hard lately on taking and editing photos for not only Etsy but the fan page I started on Facebook.  I must say it is much easier to upload pictures to that as opposed to my own personal website.  The design program is not to my liking and is too slow and clunky for me.

There is now a photo album on the Facebook fan page entitled: "Items For Sale".  I'll list everything there that I currently have already made and would like to sell.

You can see those items here:

But also take a look a peek at all of the other photo albums to catch a glimpse of all of my products!
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