Monday, January 10, 2011

lorne and neil

Many friends know that I am a HUGE fan of the fabulously talented Canadian band, RUSH.  I saw this video on Lorne Wheaton's MySpace Page.

Noah Peart

Fester DeJoux | Myspace Music Videos

Lorne is Neil Peart's drum tech.  And yes, Neil is the amazingly talented drummer of this prog rock trio.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Lorne a few years ago at a RUSH concert in Boston, MA. Such a wonderful, kind man. He'll always be tops in my book - not only for being kind enough to get my hubby ( who is a fan longer than I was) and I a meet and greet at that concert, but he was so very kind to my friend's daughter who is a budding drummer and a big fan of his boss.

Well, anyone who is familiar with Neil Peart / RUSH knows that the man plays a mean drum solo at each concert.  Here is one of my favorites (and yes, I can tell the difference between each solo - you can hear it) - O Baterista from a tour a few years back:

I admire the band members of RUSH for their creativity, their dedication to their craft and to each other, their willingness to develop their sound and to experiment.  I like the fact that they took their careers into their hands - made music their way.  I like the fact that they are still going strong after all these years and that they have a truly loyal fan base.

And I love, love, love, love watching them perform.  There is magic on stage when these three fellows get together.  There is joy, there is energy, there is technical talent and there is some damn fine music.

We'll be seeing them again this April (b'day present for me) at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  I can't wait.

More about these talented gentlemen:

Lorne Wheaton's website:

RUSH - Official website:

Neil Peart's Official Website:

the king's speech

Oh a must see . . such wonderful performances - and so wonderfully written and directed.

Colin Firth was one of my long time actor crushes - I've admired his career/work for some time and it pleases me so much to see him in a film such as this.

dear me . .i'm behind

I'm starting to panic a bit about my Sketchbook Project.  I've got 5 days to postmark it and it's NOWHERE near done.  And I'd hate to send off something half assed.

I'm really going to have to find a way to find some time between, taking care of baby, home, husband and myself ( i've been horribly ill lately) and get a crackin!
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