Sunday, November 13, 2011

princess gift basket: original faerie tale - the story of princess helena

Some of my crafty princess themed gifts have come accompanied with original faerie tales customized for their recipient.

The story you'll read below went  with the blue and green gift basket for my friend's niece, Hannah.  Hannah is an avid reader - loves the colors of blue and green, books, Rapunzel, ducks and is very close to her little sister.  I was also told that she enjoys playing and reading by herself.

So, as you read, you'll see that Princess Helena is a bit similar . . . . and a few of the items mentioned (ex. the gold key necklace, the diamond ring) that were included in her gift basket were included in the story.


The Story of Princess Helena

Once upon a time, in the middle of a vast misty forest, there stood a tall tower of blue marble, studded with sparkling gems.  The tower rose so high into the sky it often looked like it could touch the moon. During the day it gleamed bright in the sunlight and in the evenings, it glowed in the light of the moon and stars.

This late afternoon, Helena sat in one of the tower windows, her dark, curling hair falling softly around her face.  She had an apple in one hand and a soft leather bound book in the other.  Her light blue silk slippers lay discarded beneath her on the thick rug. She poured over the pages of her book intently, savoring each word.  After she finished the chapter, she sighed heavily, closed the book.  Helena began to daydream of mermaids and ships and of dragons and fairy folk as she watched the summer sun set.

Once the first silvery moon danced within the starlit sky, Helena knew it was time.

She gathered her blue-green gown in one hand and her slippers in the other and made her way slowly down the spiral staircase.  She stopped briefly at each floor to stare at the floor-to-ceiling shelves which filled each room with her personal library.  She smiled, running her fingers lightly over a few of her favorite books as she passed them. 

When she reached the first floor of the tower, Helena walked over to the open door to enjoy the night air for a few moments.  She stepped out into the garden, the dew covered grass felt cool on her bare feet. Humming softly to herself, she bent down to pick the starflowers blooming in the moonlight. As she pinned them in her curls, the young woman, began to circle the tower, stopping for a few moments to turn to the north, south, east and west while whispering softly the enchantments that kept her sanctuary safely hidden in the mists.  The silvery fog began to billow around Helena’s ankles, its tendrils growing and climbing up the marble walls like ivy.  As she stepped back inside, the mist had completely covered the tower, magically hiding it from outsiders.  

Helena turned to take a look at a very large golden hourglass sitting on a table. It was nearly empty - the small pearls which filled the timepiece had almost run out.  She quickly took a last look around the room, and straightened up a fallen book here, a cushion there. 

Clink.  Clink.  Clink.  The last few pearls fell to the bottom of the hourglass.

The young woman sighed.  It was time to go.  She pulled a small golden key from a chain around her neck.  Helena walked to the corner of the room where a heavy tapestry hung on the wall.  Woven into the tapestry was a life size ornate door, upon which she knocked three times.  She then placed the key in a small opening in the cloth where the door’s keyhole was pictured.  After turning the key thrice in the lock, Helena placed the key back around her neck and whispered the words: “Aperi Ianuam” 

The edges of the door glowed with a bright greenish-blue light.  The light quickly faded, revealing a large carved wooden door built into the tapestry.  Helena gave the door a push and stepped through the open portal into another room.

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