Saturday, November 19, 2011

harry potter halloween - part 3

Now the next part of the family Halloween costume was my husband - who was going to be Harry Potter.

Now purchasing or making a full set of Gryffindor robes was out of the question ( for financial and time reasons).  So I decided instead to take a plain black graduation robe and make a few modifications.

I first got 2 yards of fabric ( black and red).  I cut a large isosceles triangle out of both colors.  Placing them one on top of the other I then cut the top of the triangle so it was curved instead of pointed.  Then fused them together with liquid stitch, leaving one corner open.

I turned the triangle inside out, and then tacked it over the shoulders of the robe so it would lie like a hood ( although non functioning)

Then I searched the internet for an image of the Gryffindor House patch.  I printed it onto an Avery Ink Jet Dark T-Shirt Transfer sheet.  I then ironed the transfer sheet onto a piece of black felt, cut it out and hand stitched it to the robe.

After that was finished it was just a matter of getting a plain grey pull over cardigan.  To that we added a pair of round rimmed glasses that I already had in my costume stash, my husband's own pair of slacks, black shoes and white dress shirt, a Gryffindor tie we borrowed from a friend and the wand I made him.

harry potter halloween - part 2

Well, with my costume done, I set off on working on the baby's Hedwig costume.

After much thought, I decided I'd give it a go and make it out of some sort of white felt, feathers and a white sweatsuit.

Lesson 1: Why is it so hard to find a plain white sweatsuit ( zip up front) for a toddler????

Lesson 2: Simplifying it was best.

Lesson 3: As nice as the fabric glue was -  you can't beat the ol' reliable glue gun.

I basically took a large square of felt and folded it in half to form a triangle.  My intention was to make an owl sort of poncho the baby could wear over a white hooded sweatsuit.

I then traced out what I thought a wingspan, tail and belly of an owl would look like.  I took a bit of a white maribou boa and hand stitched it around the collar.  And then I proceeded to glue feathers upon this poncho.

Then I proceeded to make an owl hat, which I hand stitched over the hood of the sweatsuit.  I then added a few black feathers on the belly of the owl - and I was done!

After it was finished, I had to actually cut it and stitch it to the sweat shirt directly  as my baby didn't want to put it over her head.  But that night, once she got it on - she loved it!

new york comiccon

I'm also a geek . . and quite proud of it.  I had my girlie crush on Wil Wheaton when he was on ST:TNG. (And you geeks reading this know that abbreviation is short for Star Trek: the Next Generation).  I love me some Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (of course!)  I also am an admitted Ren Faire geek(have plenty of cosplay pics there)

So I decided with the early arrival of my Halloween costume from my aunt,  what better place and time to wear it with folks who would appreciate it was  to go to New York ComicCon.

So far, I only found one photo of me in it on the interwebz.  But  many folks did stop and ask to take pics with me.  And of course, I'm tweeting!

With the permission of the photographer, Jason Persse.  Here are all of his other great photos of the event:

I took a few pics also:

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