Monday, February 27, 2012

more from ollivander's new apprentice

 My next wand order came from my husband's godson, his younger sister and his mom.  It was a pretty tall order . . . basically they each wanted a replica of :

Lord Voldemort's Wand

Professor McGonagall's wand

Luna Lovegood's wand

more wands - hermione and original hufflepuff design

Been lax in posting the large amount of crafts I've been busy with.  I seriously have a backload of blogs I've been meaning to make since last year.

After my first wand making attempts, I went ahead and made a few more wands for three family members: My husband's cousin - who was planning to go trick or treating with her kids dressed as a Hufflepuff and her two daughters, both of which wanted versions of Hermione Granger's wand.

Well, I did my best, and came up with these:

For the girls' mother, I surprised her with an original wand of her very own to bring with her while trick or treating.

someone move this walking carpet

Besides being a working on a small 10 minute play festival up in Fairfield, CT with a friend and former director of mine, I was working on a small sewing project recently.

Discovered via Pinterest, my geek side were pleased as punch to finish making a Chewbacca plushie toy.  This was a first attempt for me to make a plushie toy.

The pattern and directions can be found here:

Now, since the toy was intended for a toddler ( whose father is a big Star Wars fan) - instead of corduroy, I opted instead for a very soft no-pill fleece instead.  It made him all the more huggable.  I also decided instead of using the tape for the silver rectangles on the belt, I'd go ahead and cut small grey quares of felt and sew them onto the belt instead.  I figured that might last longer than the tape if the toy was in the hands of a 2 year old.

Alas, my one regret was that I sewed the belt over the wrong shoulder!  I know the child's father is going to catch me on that one.  But in my defense,  I was in a big rush to get it into the mail this past Saturday morning and was finishing the toy very quickly.  I also was copying the picture from the blog of the woman who created the pattern.  I figured she had it right, and didn't bother to double check.  I know better now.  My daughter has also just asked for one, so I'll put the belt on the other side next time.

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