Tuesday, July 2, 2013

new york comiccon 2013 - cosplay - clara oswald / rings of ahkahten (part 1)

This year due to the spirit of it being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I've decided to try to make it an all Whovian cosplay weekend for ComicCon.

(Sorry, Severus!)

As a back up I still have my Oswin Oswald costume from last year - which I may be able to tweak, if I can.

My next sewing project will be to work on his current companion (Clara Oswald) - and her outfit from the episode The Rings of Ahkahten.

I've already purchased a dress from Target that had a similar shape ( but not the high low hem).  I got it for cheap, because it was a light blue color and stained badly.  I've tried once to use RIT dye to change the color, but unfortunately the stain is still visible after I rinsed the garment.  

I'm going to give it another go round with another dye and see if that works.

If not, I did purchase some bluish cloth ( I'd probably try to dye that too if I can) to that great indigo blue.

I decided on this pattern for the dress:

If I cut for the longer dress, then I'd be able to modify it into the high/low hem.

I plan to try to make a stencil out of contact paper and use fabric paint to try to make the geometric design on the dress.

I hope to try to make her coat by modifying this pattern:

I also hope to get this fabric from Spoonflower to cover a blank book or notebook to make a copy of 100 Places to See.

I already have a red bag and ordered a similar eagle necklace.  I just need the shoes and tights to purchase.

baking - chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs

Oh yeah.  These were AMAZING - but don't eat too many of them in one evening - it;s a sure fire way to get a tummy ache.  But they are soooo good.  As usual, found the recipe on Pinterest.

Here a couple of photos:

Rolling up the cookie dough to be put in the freezer:

The finished product after the brownie layer and the outside chocolate coating was added.

Seriously - yum!

It is a very time intensive dessert - but oh so worth it if you love chocolate like I do!

tardis messenger bag - part 5 - finished!

After months of laboring over this project I am happy to say it is finally done!  It probably shouldn't have taken me that long, but since I was figuring things out as I was working -  and only working on it a few hours every few nights - it is a wonder it didn't take me longer to complete!

I am quite pleased with the finished bag.  This was my first bag that I ever made and I'm eager to make another for myself one day (AFTER I finish my NY ComicCon cosplays.)

Here are the final pics of the bag.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

The front of the bag.

Lift up the flap and your first pocket

The cloth covered belt buckles I used in place of slider and O-ring buckles

Turn the bag around and there is another pocket.  I decided to leave it unadorned.  Perhaps when I make a copy of this bag for me I'll put something in Gallifreyan there.

Then the zipper which keeps the main compartment closed:

And the inside compartment.  Roomy enough to hold your TARDIS keys, brainy specs, sonic screwdrivers - and your mail.  I really like the outer space lining!

baking - chocolate cake doughnut dippers

I am a sucker for specialty baking pans.  It's not like I actually have room in our small home for all of the baking accouterments I salivate over every time I hit the stores.

But after stepping into a local Sur la Table and seeing this pan in a discount barrel -  I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The pan is intended for waffle like breakfast treats.  But I instead decided to find a good baked doughnut recipe and use that instead.

Of course I went to my favorite source for recipes  Pinterest.  I located this Donut House Baked Chocolate Glazed Donut recipe.

The directions called for adding some coffee into the glaze - but I decided to forgo that step because my toddler was going to be scarfing these down.

Here are the results:

My 3 year old daughter decorated them - can you tell?  I handled the glaze.  She worked the sprinkles.

I just have to remember for next tie to let the donuts sit long enough for the glaze to set.  I was in too much of a rush to put them away - they ended up sticky.  I also read somewhere that since the glaze was powdered sugar based I should wait for the doughnuts to cool completely next time before glazing them.

Hard to do -  they smelled - and tasted great warm!

tardis messenger bag - work in progress - part 4

Next in the TARDIS messenger bag process that I had been working besides finishing up the lining were 2 new additions/modifications to the pattern.

1.) Changing the existing strap to an adjustable one.  I found a few good tutorials on line here and here.

My main problem was that my strap (which was already sewn) was too wide for the few slider rings and O-rings I found at my local JoAnn's Fabrics.  My solution was to instead use 2 cloth covered belt buckles in their place.  Another local fabric store had a couple of these buckles on hand that I was able to cover with some extra fabric leftover after I had cut out my pattern.

I think both lining and adjustable strap turned out OK.

2.) The second issue for me was the matter of adding a zipper to close the bag's main compartment.  There was no closure of any kind included into the original pattern.

Maybe it's because I'm paranoid about pickpockets, but I had to figure out how to add a zipper to this thing to keep the owner's personal items safe when using the bag.

I cranked out (one of my now favorite sewing items) - my Dritz Easy Hem Gauge and easily pressed 4 rectangles of cloth to stitch onto the bag opening to enclose the zipper.

I pinned it in first to see if it fit OK.

Another plus: I also learned how to use the zipper foot which came with my sewing machine!

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