Monday, November 11, 2013

nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 4)

With the dress, there came the black denim motorcycle style jacket.  

The pattern I used for the jacket was the one I mentioned in part one of this series of posts.

It's not screen accurate, but it will have to do, until I can find another pattern that I like better.

These one seems good:

I've never made a jacket before.  But I think it turned out better than expected.  Though the sleeves were the toughest for me ( as sleeves seem to be), especially because these were gathered.  

I didn't particularly like the result.  The tops of the sleeves were a bit too puffy for my taste.  I'm not sure, but it might have been the way I sewed them in.

I believe I also took in the sleeves to taper them down towards the wrist.

I think I may have to revisit this jacket soon, after my machine is looked at.

Note, of course AFTER I completed the jacket, I was able to find a pre-made alternate at Target.  
Isn't that always the way.

There were a few more on the site, so scan the women's blazers and jackets section to see if anything strikes your fancy.

Friday, November 8, 2013

nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 3)

OK . . so the dress was sewn and dyed.  The tricky part was to make that geometric pattern on the dress.  As mentioned in part one, my aim was to make a stencil and to hand paint the pattern on.

And so I did.

It took awhile, but I have to admit, I enjoyed it immensely.

nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 2)

You didn't really think I forgot about this, did you?  Here is the real reason I've been MIA for so long.  I decided upon 3 different cosplays thus year -  one for each day.  A truly monumental task - especially for me, the person who really is a beginner at sewing.

But here we go . . let's start with Clara's ensemble for The Rings of Akhaten.

The fabric I picked was a very light weight remnant of a fabric that was no longer going to be sold at JoAnn's Fabrics.  My apologies I no longer have any information on it. I believe it was a polyester blend of sorts.  The color was really a light bluish-grey - which does not show up as well in these photos.

The pattern I mentioned in my previous post was used and I cut the fabric for the longest length of the skirt, so I could modify it for a high/low hem.

The collar, I incorrectly made black - as I saw an alternate dress for sale that had it in black.  I just need to go and make another collar in the actual fabric color.

PLEASE NOTE:  a very lovely person on Spoonflower has designed some fabric with the geometric pattern features on this dress.

She also has some lovely other Whovian related fabrics.  

Make sure to check out her profile on Spoonflower, all of you who sew!

  Here is the link I used to modify the high/ low hem: 

I used this Dylon Ocean blue fabric dye to darken the dress.  

 I also (since I am still not very good at making button holes) decided to fasten the dress shut with snaps and then sewed buttons on top of them to give the illusion of that type of closure.

Here is the dress after the dye job.

cornetto trilogy felt magnets

Remember those felt puppets and the Harry Potter felt magnets I made some time ago?

Well to commemorate and thank the creators of some of my favorite movies: The Cornetto Trilogy -  I decided to make a few more.

My goal: to create the two leading actors (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost) and their characters in each film in felt.

So you start off with a template:

Then focus on those details.

Shaun of the Dead

Hot Fuzz

Add a little blood (red acrylic paint) on those four little guys.

Finally -  The World's End.  You'll see I even added a mini version of the director of all three films: Edgar Wright.

And I added a swan for the Hot Fuzz duo . . that's a reference you may not get unless you watch the film. :)

I had the great pleasure of attending an advanced screening and Q&A (With Simon, Nick and Edgar) for The World's End.  Was fabulous.

A very kind person at Focus Features was able to pass the magnets on to the guys.

And, well . . . they definitely received them!

remember me . . .catch up and some photo coasters

It has been a lengthy time since I’ve updated the blog -  but I’ve had reason to!  I’ve been very busy!  So here comes a few blog updates of some of my crafty projects that have kept me going these past few months that I've neglected to share here..

I don't believe I've posted any of these photos yet. 

Earlier this year (*cough* Mother's Day *cough*), I was determined to give handmade gifts from my daughter to her grandmothers.  

I discovered this lovely tutorial on Pinterest which told me how to do it.
So after making some color copies, and smelling like nail polish remover for an afternoon, here are the results:

Now some of the transfers were not as clean as some others.  But, to be honest, I didn't mind it, because it gave the photos this vintage sort of look.

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