Thursday, June 6, 2013

tardis messenger bag - work in progress - part 1

I have been OBSESSED now with a few TARDIS messenger bags that I've seen online.  And I finally bit the bullet and said -  I can make that!

So I started with this pattern:

I decided to make the bag in a lovely royal blue denim.

The hard part has been so far is making the bag look like the TARDIS.  My first decision was how to make the police call box sign.  At first I was contemplating using fabric paint and a freezer paper, but I was worried that it would eventually end up looking messy.  Instead I opted to embroider the sign instead.

I started out typing the words for a sign in Gill Sans and I cut the words out with my trusty Xacto knife. .

Once cut out (which took me so very long) I decided to use it as a stencil and took a white marking pencil to trace out the sign. From there I began hand embroidering the sign.

oswin oswald/souffle girl - doctor who cosplay for new york comiccon 2012

My last minute cosplay decision for last year's New York ComicCon was that of Oswin Oswald/Souffle Girl, who made her appearance in the Doctor Who episode: "Asylum of the Daleks."

The first appearance of Jenna Louise Coleman -  the Doctor's next companion after the Ponds -  I really liked Oswin.  She was smart, spunky and gave the Doctor a run for his money.  And hell, that red dress was all sorts of cute.

After a search for a pre-made affordable red dress I could modify the neckline to, I found none that I was happy with.  So a-sewing and pattern searching I went.

I decided upon this pattern to make Oswin's outfit - I chose to use the pattern for dress c with a 3/4 sleeve:

Jo-Ann's Fabrics had a red knit fabric that I was very pleased with.

I then set to trying to reconstruct the items on Oswin's belt.  

I recycled a black belt with a big flat silver buckle on it.  The items I tried to re create from the photo were made out of black felt, hot glue and clay.  I then anded a few items to fill out the belt.  Time was not on my side and it was not exactly screen accurate, but I was pretty pleased.

 Then I tried to make  her watch.  

Finding an actual alternate was just impossible to find, so last minute I fiddled with a bracelet
 and some clay.


And, for the hell of it, I just had to make a burnt souffle.  The Whovians get the reference. ;)


For a first actual dress that I made it was OK.  I must admit I should have cut the pattern slightly larger. After the fact I had to rip out the side seams and add a small panel on both sides.  THe modification to the neckline gave me a bit of trouble as well.  But all in all, I'm happy with it.  Though I'd re-make the dress and the watch again when I have time -  just to see if I could make them better.

The cosplay was finished out with a brown curly wig and some Levi's red tennis shoes ( I couldn't find red hightops in time.)

Here I am at NYCC - at the Harry Potter Wand Dueling session ( my dueling partner was an Amy Pond cosplayer - ha!  Companion battle!

Me at the Nerdist Industries booth next to a LEGGO Chris Hardwick. (LOVE the Nerdist Podcast!!!!)

And finally I had to hit the Doctor Who booth to take a picture with a Dalek and my burnt souffle.

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