Friday, June 7, 2013

tardis phone charging station/felt box

Geek crafting.

I'm not quite sure that is an actual term, but it is one I've started to use to describe many of my projects lately.

Another geek crafting project I worked on last year but never had a chance to blog about was this adorable TARDIS phone charging station/felt box.

Bless all those folks that come up with these things.  I so enjoy tackling them.

My little TARDIS ended up just becoming a small box - I decided not to cut the small whole in the bottom to allow it to become a phone charger.

ellie's first sewing project

I just saw a photo of my friend Denise's daughter mending a toy together and it reminded me of Ellie's first sewing project.  As most toddlers, Ellie is now in that phase where she wants to do everything like mommy and daddy.  I am tickled pink that she has taken to arts and crafts like a duck to water.

In her attempts to mimic whatever project I am working on I try to find as many creative toddler friendly ways to join in the fun.

One day she asked me to sew, and after I saw this adorable toddler sewing kit on Pinterest, I made up our own kit for Ellie.  I made sure I added yarn, buttons and beads as well as plastic canvas shapes for her to sew on.

baby . . .baby . . . baby . . .

I've taken a stab recently at making baby gifts for a few of my friends.

The first was a blanket for my friend Sarah.  I had just learned how to crochet and was really obsessed with granny squares (which I still am).  I was determined to see if I could just make one really big granny square into a blanket. Turned out well for a first try at making a baby blanket, but it did take me quite a while to make.  I have much admiration to those folks who can bang out more complicated baby blanket patterns quickly.

Little Alfie seems to like it.  I know his parents do too! 


Photo by his daddy: Trent Clarke

I also decided to make Alfie and his parents a wee geeky gift as well -  a Doctor Who inspired onesie.  And, well, once I found out they were going to call him Alfie, I couldn't resist.

Come on, I just had to do it :)

ravenclaw diadem - work in progress - part 1

Another project I've started  (and is partially on hold as I tackle my TARDIS bag and another custom wand) is a replica of the Ravenclaw diadem from the Harry Potter movies.

I started off by sketching half of the diadem.

Then I took some tracing paper and an extra fine sharpie and copied the design a bit cleaner.  Then I took some carbon paper and traced the design on some white cardstock.  Then my trusty xacto knife and I cut it out.  Rinse, lather and repeat for the other side, but I made sure to flip my tracing paper to make a mirror image for the other half of the diadem.

I then added the center jewel.  My intention is to use this now as a template.  I bought some metal mesh which I (hopefully) can figure out how to cut to this shape, then cover it perhaps with some light air dry clay.

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