Sunday, January 26, 2014

sing, sing a song. . . .playing with SoundCloud

I was playing around with Soundcloud and the Garage Band program on my Macbook.

So yes, that's me singing using the live performance option singing into my laptop.  No external microphone.

Not the best recording, if you listen carefully you can hear my dog walking by me in the background.

But how fun!  I'll definitely experiment with the other options in the future. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

from the vault - poetry - "ode to a woman"

Another little something from a long time ago . .

I wrote this in college, after thinking about what some of us do as women: obsession with body image, and the need to be thin and perfect.  Hell, I've been there plenty of times.

ode to a woman

you are a curve
of hip and thigh
of breast and buttock
lush, plush and fertile
perfume of lips and
eyes and ears
of fingers that caress
cradle and hold
sticks and stones are not soft
they are sharp, hard and
you’ll cut me
hurt me
harm me
light like chaff
to blow away on the wind
why are we wasting away
turning to fallow fields
slipping into oblivion
where will the children suckle
when bosoms are empty
where will i hold you
when there is no curve to rest my arm in
to draw
you near
you fade like mist
like fog
in the morning

from the vault - poetry - "languishing"

with the whir whir whir
of the fan overhead
island breezes
through the screened-in porch
& open door
twist through the
slatted windows
caress and carry
my limbs
all sticky sweet  with
out of myself
and into
the air
waves crashing in the
rustling of palm leaves
with the chirp chirring
of brightly colored
birds to accompany them
fill my ears
as i close my
eyes and then settle
to a deep


Friday, January 24, 2014

more baby blankets

A friend of mine recently had her first baby -  a little girl.  Prior to her baby shower, I decided to venture again into the world of baby blanket making.

The first one I attempted was by using this pattern from Michaels:

Finished Measurements
Approximately 30" x 30" 
Loops & Threads™ Bunny Tail™ 3 ounces/85 grams in #4 Light Blue (MC) – 4 balls and #1 White (CC) – 2 balls
Knitting needles: US 5 (3.75 mm) or size needed to obtain gauge
Notions: Yarn needle
5 sts & 7 rows = 4" in Garter st (knit every row).  Be sure to check your gauge! 
Sewn Bind-Off: Cut yarn leaving a tail at least 3 times as long as the edge that will be bound off. Thread tail through yarn needle and bind off as follows: * insert yarn needle from right to left through the first 2 sts on knitting needle, go back through the first st from left to right, pull the yarn through and slip the first st off the knitting needle. Rep from * until 1 st remains, pull yarn through to fasten off.
With MC, cast on 36 sts using the backwards-loop method, working only with strand between pom-poms.
Knit 6 rows with MC, * knit 2 rows with CC, knit 2 rows with MC; rep from * until piece measures 27" from beg, ending with 2 rows of CC. Knit 6 more rows with MC.
Bind off using sewn bind-off. 
With MC and RS facing, pick up and knit one st for each row along side edge of blanket. Work in Garter st for 4 rows. Bind off using sewn bind-off. Rep on other side of blanket. 
Weave in ends.   
Abbreviations beg – beginning
CC – contrast color
MC – main color
mm – millimeter
rep – repeat
st(s) – stitch(es)
* – rep instructions after asterisk as specified

This yarn, though very soft and adorable, was problematic -  at least for me.  I kept dropping stitches, and when I did it was difficult finding where to get those stitches again, because of the way the yarn fell.  I also kept geting the yarn tangled up in knots, no matter how I kept rewinding it.

The finished product was nice, but I vowed to never make anything with similar yarn unless it was something not as big, like a scarf.  (Since then, I have made 2 scarves with this type of yarn, and they both turned out beautifully.)

My other blankets I made were flannel receiving blankets I made from scratch.

I had purchased this book a long time ago, and finally decided to try it out.:

Here are some photos of the blankets in progress.

OK . . so I didn't go too crazy and just did a basic edging around the blankets -  I was, as usual, strapped for time.  I recently picked up  some flannel for a couple of other baby blankets - and will give it another go soon.

Here are other interesting tutorials I found online, that I might try in the future:

Friday, January 17, 2014

christmas 2013 baking

As usual, I was a baking fiend this past Christmas.  The family members were expecting their yearly cookie tins!

Ricotta Cookies

Walnut Tassies



Before I get back to all my NYCC2013 cosplay breakdowns ( yes I have a few more) -  thought I'd share a few pics of my christmas craft insanity.

Basically most of the "kids" in the family are no longer kids -  all teens or pre-teens who are quite happy with a gift card as an Xmas gift.  Of course that does make things easy when it comes to shopping, but of course, wanting to find some crafty aspect - because, well, because I'm a sucker for punishment and of course I need to fill my life with more things to do!

Since the family matriarch ( Great Grandma Spina) moved to Florida recently, and would not be at Xmas this year, I was determined to carry on her tradition of giving a little knitted something or other to the family.  She is probably the smart one and starts a the beginning of the year to do this -  explaining why she gets so many items done by Xmas.  I of course made this decision at the beginning of December.

Since I still consider myself a very remedial knitter -  I went for the easiest thing I could put together: scarves.

Here are some of my results.  (You'll note that Sexy and my Clara/Snowmen cosplay is helping with the modeling.)  These aren't all of the scarves I finished, but you get the gist.

Now these two below I ended up stitching the ends together to make them as infinity scarves.

nycc 2013 - whovian cosplay - clara oswald / rings of akhaten (part 5)

The rest of the details . . . .

I opted to use a pair of black ankle boots I already owned.  Again, not screen accurate, but it was more cost efficient for me to reuse them.

Clara's necklace  which she wore in a couple of episodes . . 

Here was the alt I purchased from Forever 21.  I don't think it's available anymore!

I took an oil based black Sharpie pen and colored my blue stone in to match Clara's.

Clara's 101 Places to See book.

I purchased a fat quarter and mod podged it to a blank book.  

My book, unfortunately was a bit big -  and very heavy to carry around all day.  I think I'll use this as a personal journal and find a slightly lighter and smaller book for the next go around.

The red leaf I purchased at a craft store in the fall, in a packet of assorted fabric fall leaves.

The wig

 I know it isn't in Jenna's actual hair color, but if I was going to purchase a wig to reuse -  I was damned if I wasn't going to pick one that I could use again for other things -  so I opted for a color close to my natural hair color that I could style more like Jenna's hair.  Perhaps next time I'll just grow mine out.  This wig seemed a bit too full after I had it on.  It will be good for other things down the road, but maybe not this cosplay.

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