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nycc 2013- whovian cosplay - clara oswald - the snowmen - part 1

Here are a series of posts that many folks have been waiting for.

My NYCC cosplay for Clara's red barmaid dress from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special - The Snowmen.

Here were my source photos



The fabrics I used

For the bodice, apron and bustle: a burgundy upholstery fabric from Jo Ann’s

For the petticoat:   a red/burgundy taffeta in Bordeaux.  

This was originally supposed to be for the over skirt, but I felt in certain lights, it did not go well with the bodice fabric and some yarn I found to knit the shawl with.  So after constructing it, I opted to keep it instead as a petticoat.

For the overskirt: burgundy polyester in Biking Red.

Yes. . .I know before some of you cry foul!  Polyester!  Sacrilege!  
Understand, I was on a strict budget and was actually trying to match the color  of the bodice/apron/bustle and find a fabric that would not wrinkle so bad.  It needed to withstand a day at NYCC.

The lining for the bodice, apron and bustle only: Biking Red Ambiance Lining


Repurposed cosplay items

Bustle Pad

A bustle pad I made for my Steampunk Corsair cosplay from last year.

To make this bustle pad, I used directions from this wonderful blog:
Steam Ingenious:  How to Make a Bustle Pad and Why You Should

I made my own pattern, using her description/directions but note that at the end of her post, she does have patterns for 3 different types of bustle pads that she sells if you'd rather an pre-made pattern.


Because I did not have time to make new ones from scratch, this was a corset I use and purchased from Casta Diva’s booth at The NY Renaissance Faire -


Should you want to make a corset from scratch, I was planning on perhaps trying any of these had I the time to do so:



And, even though this is a modern alternative, I was also looking at this corset and even petticoat patterns as a possibility for this cosplay.


Patterns I used for this cosplay

OK, full disclosure here.  

If you are looking for something more authentic, 

was a  great source of tips and inspiration for me while making this dress.  

However, I was on a tight budget.
So when my local JoAnn's Fabrics had a Simplicity pattern sale (5 patterns for $5.00),  
I had to jump on that bandwagon. 

So I basically "frankenstein-ed" myself a dress - as the woman at the cutting table described it.

So what you will find below are the patterns I took pieces of to create the costume.

For the bodice

For the apron, bustle and skirt

For the petticoat and skirt

For the sleeves

More posts and photos to come!

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  1. HA! I picked up the Simplicity Steampunk pattern on a whim, because I saw it and thought of Clara! Thus far I've only cosplayed River (she IS my favorite), but I've got more Clara's coloring, big eyes, and a bit of the turned up nose...not to mention that Clara is my husband's favorite. So, at some point, I know I'll be trying this.


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