Saturday, January 25, 2014

from the vault - poetry - "ode to a woman"

Another little something from a long time ago . .

I wrote this in college, after thinking about what some of us do as women: obsession with body image, and the need to be thin and perfect.  Hell, I've been there plenty of times.

ode to a woman

you are a curve
of hip and thigh
of breast and buttock
lush, plush and fertile
perfume of lips and
eyes and ears
of fingers that caress
cradle and hold
sticks and stones are not soft
they are sharp, hard and
you’ll cut me
hurt me
harm me
light like chaff
to blow away on the wind
why are we wasting away
turning to fallow fields
slipping into oblivion
where will the children suckle
when bosoms are empty
where will i hold you
when there is no curve to rest my arm in
to draw
you near
you fade like mist
like fog
in the morning

from the vault - poetry - "languishing"

with the whir whir whir
of the fan overhead
island breezes
through the screened-in porch
& open door
twist through the
slatted windows
caress and carry
my limbs
all sticky sweet  with
out of myself
and into
the air
waves crashing in the
rustling of palm leaves
with the chirp chirring
of brightly colored
birds to accompany them
fill my ears
as i close my
eyes and then settle
to a deep

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