early morning thoughts

Creative goals for this year:

1.) Get back to playing acoustic guitar.  Check in with guitar teacher, Rick DelSavio.
     (I had stopped due to getting carpal tunnel during pregnancy.  Now must find a time to work those calluses up again.)

2.) Knit more/ possibly start a crochet project.
     (Again, stopped mid pregnancy because my wrists hurt.)

3.) Start an art journal.

4.) Continue dabbling with watercolors

5.) Try doing a mixed media art piece, possibly collage.

6.) Learn to really use my sewing machine.  Possibly finish a simple sewing project.

7.) Work more with new digital camera.

8.) Sing. Sing. Sing.  Check in with my voice teacher, Susan Baum.

9.) Do more creative writing.  Talk with Sacha about re-writing early piece into something she can film.

10.) Do not be afraid of sharing my artwork.


I dropped by my local arts and crafts store a few days ago.  I do love that place.  I think for the same reason I love office supply stores.  I see the potential of what could be with all of those empty notebooks, unused pencils, paints, beads . .etc.  All the projects that could be created.  It excites me to be honest.  I had my new digital camera with me and snapped a few beautiful items in the beading section.


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