red velvet cupcakes (sort of)

I bake. I LOVE to bake. Mostly I do well with cookies, an occasional bundt cake or a tray of brownies. This time I was determined to make cupcakes. I had these cupcake molds/tins for some time and had wondered what occasion I could use them for. Then it hit me . .the 4th of July! I could make red velvet cupcakes (with white cream cheese frosting) and maybe blue sprinkles? How apropos.

The last time I attempted to make red velvet cupcakes, they were not great. I had used someone elses recipe, but mine turned out rather greasy. So I went to my usual baking recipie sorce . . Martha.

Recipe for the cupcakes and frosting can be found here.

They turned out OK.  Just not red.  The insides actually were a dark mauve.  My mistake had been using red gel decorating paste.  (The recipe called for "1/2 teaspoon red gel-paste food color") The color still looked off once I added it.  So I tried to also add drops of red food coloring.  Unfortunately, I didn't add enough. Ahh well.

Tasted yummy though!


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