knitting - minus one needle

I've tried to get back to knitting (which was always a nice relaxing past time -  especially for those days when I'd attend cattle calls and be sitting in the Equity building for hours on end chatting it up with other non-union actors).  My husband's grandmother (yay, Rita!) was the one who taught me originally.  She's the big knitter in the family and I have numerous hats/scarves/blankets/sweaters that she made for us.  I can only hope one day to be as skilled/proficient a knitter as she.

(She also continually teaches me to crochet.  I say that because despite her many attempts, the skill has yet to be retained in my brain and muscle memory.  But I'm sure I'll get it eventually!)

I had to stop knitting halfway into my pregnancy because I had the worse carpal tunnel ever! (pregnancy induced).  I was mid way into knitting something for the baby.  Of course she is way too big now to use the hat and booties, but I figure someone I know will have a baby eventually - I'll just keep it for the future.  So I've decided to get back to that project. I'm missing one knitting needle though.  That's frustrating as hell.

I also found this wonderful chunky, soft brown wool, with a scarf/capelet sort of pattern.  We'll see how that goes.


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