from the vault - regency poke bonnet

Halloween is right around the corner (this Sunday to be exact.) I love Halloween.  I guess it's the actor in me, but I love finding reasons to dress up and pretend to be someone else.

My favorite costumes are the period ones.  Last year as I was 8 months plus pregnant, my choices were very limited. I whipped up a passable Regency costume and decided to make a poke bonnet from an old straw hat I had lying around the house.  It was the best thing from the costume and not a bad try for my first attempt at millinery. Everything was hand-stitched and hand glued.  The white ruffle insert is actually a separate mob cap I had in my costume trove that I decided to wear that night as well. (We had been out in the rain and damp watching my husband's goddaughter dance at a Halloween event. I thought it best to wear as many layers to keep warm.)

I found instructions and a video how to make the bonnet here:

I've always loved the Regency period.  My love of Jane Austen, perhaps?  Here's a late night related giggle for anyone out there.


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