surviving the craft fair

Well, I did it.  I took part in my first ever craft fair.  And I did learn a few things:

1.) Do not forget the folding chair to sit on.

2.) Do not put cookies in a basket.  For some reason people were wary about digging in the basket to see what I had.  I ended up baking snicker doodles, pecan caramel shortbread, chocolate chip, ricotta cookies, gingerbread, double chocolate cookies and walnut tassies.  Even though they were packaged so nicely, I sold very few of them.

3.) Next time, make lots of pink items.  My pink rose magic wands were the first to go, and I was asked about pink dress up jewelry.  Girlie girlie craft booth = lots of pink items (and to a degree, lots of purple items as well.)

4.) Perhaps invest in making small signs for each item.  I guess I'm still uncomfortable with the "hard sell" pitch.  I always hate it when people press me to purchase things, and I dread being that sort of vendor.  And saying the same schpiel time after time, perhaps the signs could help, and maybe even entice questions from the lingering shopper.

5.) I really, really, REALLY need a space of my own to work on my crafts.  At this time, poor Tom and I are on top of one another sharing an office space at home because the baby took the room which was formerly his man-cave/office.  Alas, I took over our current room AND the dining room table during this whole craft process.

All in all, it was an OK time.  I really had expected to sell more things, especially the cookies and the headbands for babies/little girls.  I now know I over-baked and over-crafted.  Ah well.

I did get many complements for my work, I think most were sincere.  Though strangely enough, most of the complements came from folks who either had girls in their families that were way past the age of my wares, or the only had little boys in their family.  I wonder if I did not price everything correctly.

I'd definitely try another one again.  But first to start a website to sell what I do have left over!

Oh my . . and so many leftovers!  Especially cookies and headbands!


  1. I wish I knew the magic formula for selling things too. I could be wrong, but when I go to craft fairs I think to myself "I can find/make this item cheaper." And so I will look, but I don't buy. Why don't you try Etsy. Maybe you can gather a group of little girls, daughters of friends for a little photo shoot. Really play up the whole fantasy, fairyland, tea-party aspect of what you do. That basically, you provide everything needed for a little girl's fairy tale tea party, from costume jewelry to treats.

  2. I know - I do that to from time to time.

    I like that idea of a tea party. We're trying to put together a website to sell off my excess. I think I may try a little on ETSY to move traffic to our site.

    The only thing I don't like about ETSY is that they do charge you a little money for keeping an item up there for a certain amount of time and if you don't move the product, I'm sure the cost will build up after awhile if you have as much to move as I do.


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