sing out, louise

Somedays it just feels like my whole acting/auditioning life happened a million years ago.  It's so easy to fall into the ruts of 24-7 baby care, house maintenance, etc.

But a couple days ago I was lucky enough to have a whole day to myself.  The baby was at her grandparent's house and my husband was at work.  And despite the household chores that were on the agenda, the beautiful spring day compelled me to throw open all the windows of our home and sing at the top of my lungs.

My, how wonderful that felt to really let loose.  I rambled through my old audition pieces and through various former lessons that I had with my wonderful singing teacher, Susan Baum.

(I always, and will here now again, recommend Susan for any friend in the NYC area that wants not only someone to help them with technique or audition pieces to seek her out.  I have found that she has become not only a teacher, but also a sounding board, a career coach and a very good friend.  Her website is : )

I can't describe how exhilarating it is to sing out loud.  I've always struggled with mental blocks that affected my approach to singing -  that and the horrible habit of letting myself become intimidated by others whom I deem to be more talented than I.  I'm grateful to many folks like Susan who have either by example, or by openly encouraging me/casting me etc., helped me to for the most part get over these hurdles.

Understand, they still crop up now and again.  I still refuse to go sing kareoke unless it's with a small intimate group of folks I know.  And once in a blue moon, I catch myself saying:" I can't sing that."

But then I have to just take a big breath and tackle it any way.  Let is just come out: big, bad and wrong, if need be.  Sometimes it just needs to, in order for it to come out big, beautiful and oh so right later on down the road.

Some time ago -  before baby and before cash flow issues, I did (with Susan and my awesome guitar teacher, Rick DelSalvio - toy with the idea of making a recording of myself singing.  Perhaps I should look into that again.  I think it might be fun, and maybe a nice little thing to show my daughter that her mother had a little vocal talent.


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