mini four wheeler diaper cake

In the past I've done a little "diaper engineering", as my husband likes to call it. Making diaper cakes as gifts for soon to be new parents is quite fun, actually.  It takes a bit of patience, a lot of double sided tape and rubber bands, and of course diapers.

Some photos of my past cakes can be seen on my facebook page : Sweet: Creations By Kimberly Shay - Phooto Albums

My latest feat was to put together a four wheeler type of cake.  In truth, I had initially intended it to be a tricycle.  However I had bought an enormous amount of diapers, unsure of exactly how many it would take, and I wanted to use as many as possible.  Also I found some vague instructions on how to construct a tricycle cake the internet, so I decided instead to use a photo of a four wheeler that I saw on Etsy and was determined to suss out how the darn thing was being held together.

After a few hours fiddling with some rubber bands, tape, ribbon, seventy size 3 diapers, four recieving blankets,  one sippy cup, one dishwasher basket and ten washcloths, I came up with this:

Not bad.  I was pretty pleased with it.  And the the recipient's parents also were happy with the finished product.


  1. Do you have step by step instructions for this?

  2. I don't have step by step instructions on hand, but I can put something together and post it within the next few days.

  3. I have now posted instructions for this here:


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