my etsy store and a princess basket in the making

It's taken me a little time but I've posted a few items on Etsy.  It's a trial run to see if there are any interest in my little crafty projects.  And since I've a number of items left over from last year's craft fair, I've decided to see how it will be trying to sell things there.  I have a lot of baby/toddler headbands, but will be putting them on bit by bit - to see how the go over.

If anyone has any suggestions/comments on my store, I'd love to hear them!  There's always room for improvement!

I've put a link on this blog ( scroll down the right hand column) to my store.  But the direct link can also be found here: Sweet: Creations by Kimberly F Shay - Etsy Store

And, I've another princess basket order in the works.  This time it will be for a young girl named Hannah who is turning seven.  The basket colors will be blue and green - which will be a nice change up from the usual pink and purple orders I get.  More pictures on them as the work progresses.


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