i believe i can fly

Well, I am on my way with Hannah's princess basket order.  I usually try creating one new item per order to broaden my craft repetoire.

This time around, I am attempting to make a set of faerie wings for the birthday girl.  Here is my progress so far:

Things I've learned so far:

 - it is not easy to find white knee high socks.
 - remember next time to not buy them with re-inforced toes, just sandalfoot or sheer toes.
-  regardless of gauge of wire, using the knee highs will squish/shrink the inital shape you fashion.  Perhaps try to find another type of material to use.
 - try not to glop on the paint, if you want to make the wings still semi transparent and airy. Using a natural sponge to daub on paint, then run it in the sock material with your fingers.
 - wear rubber gloves when painting.
 - duct tape the end of the wings, so as not to puncture the sock
 - buy a value pack of knee highs, because you will put a run through one of them eventually, no matter how careful you are!


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