magic wands - harry potter style

I admit it.  I am a Harry Potter fan.  I love all the books.  I love the movies.  I've even joined Pottermore.

Because I don't really have the funds to purchase one of the Noble Collection's official movie prop replicas -  in particular, the magic wands, I looked to make a few for myself.

After a search on the web, I actually found directions on how to make a wand from a wooden dowel and clay from  a glance on

I first started out on a couple attempts to replicate the Severus Snape wand.


The first try was OK -  but I felt I could do better.

I liked the second try.  But I still think I can improve.

Then, I tried to make a copy of the Harry Potter wand.

It's not an exact replica at all -  but it is good enough for me.


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