harry potter halloween - part 2

Well, with my costume done, I set off on working on the baby's Hedwig costume.

After much thought, I decided I'd give it a go and make it out of some sort of white felt, feathers and a white sweatsuit.

Lesson 1: Why is it so hard to find a plain white sweatsuit ( zip up front) for a toddler????

Lesson 2: Simplifying it was best.

Lesson 3: As nice as the fabric glue was -  you can't beat the ol' reliable glue gun.

I basically took a large square of felt and folded it in half to form a triangle.  My intention was to make an owl sort of poncho the baby could wear over a white hooded sweatsuit.

I then traced out what I thought a wingspan, tail and belly of an owl would look like.  I took a bit of a white maribou boa and hand stitched it around the collar.  And then I proceeded to glue feathers upon this poncho.

Then I proceeded to make an owl hat, which I hand stitched over the hood of the sweatsuit.  I then added a few black feathers on the belly of the owl - and I was done!

After it was finished, I had to actually cut it and stitch it to the sweat shirt directly  as my baby didn't want to put it over her head.  But that night, once she got it on - she loved it!


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