harry potter halloween - part 3

Now the next part of the family Halloween costume was my husband - who was going to be Harry Potter.

Now purchasing or making a full set of Gryffindor robes was out of the question ( for financial and time reasons).  So I decided instead to take a plain black graduation robe and make a few modifications.

I first got 2 yards of fabric ( black and red).  I cut a large isosceles triangle out of both colors.  Placing them one on top of the other I then cut the top of the triangle so it was curved instead of pointed.  Then fused them together with liquid stitch, leaving one corner open.

I turned the triangle inside out, and then tacked it over the shoulders of the robe so it would lie like a hood ( although non functioning)

Then I searched the internet for an image of the Gryffindor House patch.  I printed it onto an Avery Ink Jet Dark T-Shirt Transfer sheet.  I then ironed the transfer sheet onto a piece of black felt, cut it out and hand stitched it to the robe.

After that was finished it was just a matter of getting a plain grey pull over cardigan.  To that we added a pair of round rimmed glasses that I already had in my costume stash, my husband's own pair of slacks, black shoes and white dress shirt, a Gryffindor tie we borrowed from a friend and the wand I made him.


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