new york comiccon

I'm also a geek . . and quite proud of it.  I had my girlie crush on Wil Wheaton when he was on ST:TNG. (And you geeks reading this know that abbreviation is short for Star Trek: the Next Generation).  I love me some Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (of course!)  I also am an admitted Ren Faire geek(have plenty of cosplay pics there)

So I decided with the early arrival of my Halloween costume from my aunt,  what better place and time to wear it with folks who would appreciate it was  to go to New York ComicCon.

So far, I only found one photo of me in it on the interwebz.  But  many folks did stop and ask to take pics with me.  And of course, I'm tweeting!

With the permission of the photographer, Jason Persse.  Here are all of his other great photos of the event:

I took a few pics also:


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