song for the evening

I'm usually not a particularly huge fan of a pop/rock musical . . .I'm an old school type of girl - who loves all the Broadway standards or shows with music done in that style. ( I think that is why I enjoyed Curtains so much.)

I guess it's because a lot of pop/rock music lately sounds to me so overproduced and so similar.  I mean, I can't tell one pop princess from another - their voices seem to be so electronically tweaked that it's hard to know if the person really has any talent and CAN sing - or if they are horribly tone deaf and are just vocally modified to sound somewhat good.

I like singers.  Good singers.  And you don't have to do a hundred vocal riffs in a song to show off.  Please don't.  Most of the time, you do just sound like you are screeching.

Just sing simply, please.  And tell your story.  I sometimes think that some of these newer musicals forget that bit.  It's not all just sing AT the audience.  You should sing TO them.   Act, my dears.  If I just wanted to hear you sing, well then, I'll go to a concert.  It's called musical theatre for a reason.

But that aside, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Now I haven't seen American Idiot, the musical based upon the music of the band Green Day.  But, one song was sent to me to be put into a song compilation and I have to say the arrangement as certainly grown on me.  And here it is, the recording with the original Broadway cast.


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