creative yearly goals

Well, here we go again, another year.  2012.

I know I haven't blogged that much lately - to be honest I have been swamped with crafting projects for other people and was hit one after the other with requests.  I still haven't posted all of them.  I'll try to do that bit by bit as I have time.

My hope this year is to really try to find more time for myself and my own personal creative pursuits.  I have found, that as many mothers before me, I've easily fallen into the "all baby all the time" routine.  And then, where is the time for me, right?

I look at my own personal art journal, my guitar, my sheet music/vocal warm up tapes gathering dust and it does make me a bit sad.  So this year I'm going to try my hardest to really get some "me time."

To start off everything I've re-vamped the blog a bit.  A nice new look to start off a nice new year.


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