i heart . .happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day, folks!  I usually love making valentines this time of year.

Here are some photos of what I whipped up, along with some little packages filled with chocolate.  Found the design via yes, my favorite website, Pinterest.com.  The instructions to making the little candy holders can be found here on this blog.

And this holiday was the first attempt at baking I did with my 2 year old little girl.  We got all gussied up in our matching Hello Kitty aprons and toques and made sugar cookies.  I really should have had my husband video the whole thing.  She was in charge of decorating the cookies with "sparkles" (ie sprinkles).  What she did most of the time was to pour rivers of sprinkles into a plate (missing the cookies entirely).  Then we had to convince her to take the piles of sprinkles and smoosh them onto the sugar cookies I cut out.  She was quite proud of them.

And a lovely song appropriate for the day by Gary Stockdale (thanks to my friend Tressa for posting it on my facebook page.


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