original slytherin wand designs

I am currently working on a custom Slytherin design for another friend.  Here are a few of the ideas I came up for her wand.  Again, more serpent related wands, as per her request.

Explanations of what you see:

1.) Brown wand shaft with multiple snakes wrapped around lower half.  Snakes would be raised above the wand shaft level ( like Hermione's vines on her wand).  Base of wand has a silver band and a round/ball base.

2.) Black wand shaft with one long brown snake wrapped around lower half. Snake, as number 1, is raised/on top of wand shaft.  Base of wand is a green (hint to Slytherin house colors) faceted sort of base.  Could also add a silver band above this to have both house colors in the wand. I would rub black paint into the etchings to give the snakes a black outline to stand out against the color of the wand shaft.

3.) An olive green/brownish color wand.  Entire wand would be covered in clay, then the 2 snakes would be etched into the clay.  The lower end of the wand has a thin black band, and then a kind of rounded arrow type cap base.

4.) A black wand shaft with 2 snakes (raised on top of shaft) of differing shades of brown ( here a reddish brown and an lighter brown) make a criss cross pattern for the handle.  There are black bands, and gold bands that also adorn the wand above and below the snakes.  The base would be this pearlized/semi opaque white rounded tip ( much like the end of the McGonagall wand the Noble Collection makes).

5.)  a dark brown wand shaft with a lighter brown handle color.  The snakes could either be etched into the clay or raised on top of it, but each ( I'm thinking 3 maybe if multiple  - would appear to wriggled straight up to the tip.  Or there could just be one snake ( either raised or etched in).  A dark brown band is above the snake and a dark brown flattened rounded base is below it.

6.) A reddish brown wand shaft with 3 (maybe four) black snakes wriggling up the shaft.  Below the snakes would be 3 dark brown rounded bands and a ball base of the same color

7.)A light brown wand shaft with a slightly darker (but still light) brown handle color.  Multiple snakes would be etched into the clay covering the handle.  I could rub both back and brown paint into the etchings to try to differentiate each snake.  Or I could either keep the snakes uniform ( all outlined in either all black or all brown).   Bronze bands are above and below the etchings of the snakes.  Then a black band and a faceted black base.


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