padfoot and moony

The next 2 wands I went to attempt were intended to be a matched set.  But I broke up the set to give them as gifts to two different people.

The first was the hardest, by far.  My own version of Sirius Black's wand.  I tried this wand about 3 different times.  My main issues were results stemming from the fact that I had to cover the entire wand shaft in clay to get the patterns on both the handle and the wand shaft.   The carvings would work out well on one side, but not the other.  And the clay seemed to shift and not adhere as well to the wood at times and my attempts to fix it, only resulted in more warping of the runic patterns.  I also found that the clay made the wands very heavy, so I attempted to shave off some clay in some versions.  Sometimes those shaving attempts were not as even as I would have liked either.  I also found it difficult to bake without marring the pattern in some way as well.  I will have to re-visit this wand in the future.

The next wand I felt really turned out well.  And that was my own version of Remus Lupin's wand.  The one you see below was my first try.  And I'll admit,  I was so pleased that it turned out so well, I was very tempted to keep it for myself. But I gave it away as a birthday gift.


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