harry potter crafts group - april 2012 swap

Well, I've found a new wonderful group on the interwebz that combine my love for both crafting and the Harry Potter books.

To join click here:  Harry Potter Crafts Group on Yahoo

I jumped in with both feet and immediately agreed to take part in the latest craft swap.  The subject for the swap was "the philosopher's stone/the sorcerer's stone".  Basically I had carte blanche to make anything at all from the first book of the Harry Potter series. 

Here is what I created.

1.) A flying key

“They’re not birds!”  Harry said suddenly.  “They’re keys!  Winged keys -- look carefully.  So that must mean. . .” he looked around the chamber while the other two squinted up at the flock of keys.  “. . .yes -- look!  Broomsticks!  We’ve got to catch the key to the door!”

2.) The Sorcerer's Stone/ The Philosopher's Stone

“Something really extraordinary had to be inside this top security vault, Harry was sure, and he leaned forward eagerly, expecting to see fabulous jewels at the very least -- but at first he thought it was empty.  Then he noticed a grubby little package wrapped up in brown paper lying on the floor.  Hagrid picked it up and tucked it deep inside his coat.”

“He saw his reflection, pale and scared-looking at first.  But a moment later, the reflection smiled at him.  It put its hand into its pocket and pulled out a blood-red stone.  It winked and put the Stone back in its pocket -- and as it did so, Harry felt something heavy drop  into his real pocket.  Somehow -- incredibly -- he’d gotten the Stone.”
To wrap the stone,  I created a paper that was filled with magical symbols/writing that would have been pertinent to the making of the Sorcerer's Stone.

1.) "Abracadabra may seem to be merely a generic stage magician's term: however, it was originally used as a magic formula for warding off illness.  Both the word itself and its relation to curing sickness are ancient, evolving from the Chaldee abhaddakedabrah, "Disappear, O sickness, from this world.

To work the charm, the word "abracadabra" must be written on paper,  dropping a letter each line and worn around the patient's neck for nine days.  After nine days, it is thrown backwards over the shoulder into an east-running stream.  This formula is known as a "shrinking charm" -  "Magic Charms from A to Z", pg. 9.

I decided to use the Chaldee word for this paper.

2.) After uploading a runic alphabet from online, I typed "Life Everlasting" and converted the text to runes.

3.)  As a top and bottom border, I found a graphic of the moon's stages.

4.) I found 4 symbols that could also be a part of this paper.  The symbol for mercury - represents the physical life beneath the spirit, with the soul looking upward toward the great consciousness.  The symbol for mars - represents the spirit being motivated into physical action/signifies humanity's inherent power and energy.  The symbol of the wheel - representing life, death and rebirth/ the continuous wheel of human existence. The symbol of saturn - representing the soul being held firmly in place by physical life. ( from Life Magic by  Susan Bowes)

3.) The Mirror of Erised

“It was a magnificent mirror, as high as the ceiling, with an ornate gold frame, standing on two clawed feet.  there was an inscription carved around the top: Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.”


  1. Can you post a tutorial on how to make the Mirror of Erised.

    1. Hello. My apologies for the delay - Been busy with a new home and new baby. Believe me, it's on my to do list - once I get a moment to myself to type it down. I'll make sure to add a link here when it's done.


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