watch out girl scouts! homemade samoas

I'm a sucker for a Girl Scout cookie - especially those mouth watering coconut, caramel and chocolate lovlies called Samoas.

I discovered a recipe to make them from scratch via  my favorite place on the internet -!

The recipe was originally posted on the blog "Once Upon a Plate".  Click here to see it.

Now the instructions called for using store bought caramels -  but as I'm a stickler for making as much from scratch as I can, I decided to use this recipe from Martha Stewart for making caramel for cookies.

For a first try, I was pretty pleased with them. (The family members I made them for also gave them a thumbs up.)

Note: You can stick the cookies in the fridge to speed up the time it takes for the chocolate to set, however this does make the caramel very hard to chew.   Keep these cookies at room temperature for easier enjoyment.


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