hunger games: mocking jay pin (1st try)

Yes, I can count the Hunger Games as a geeky pleasure, thanks to my friend Elaine who I went to the movie with.  And mind you I wasn't  as hooked as she was, proabably due to the fact that I hadn't read the books at the time.

But the film was very good, so Elaine lent me her books . . and the rest is history.

So here is my first attempt at making a mockingjay pin, which was a birthday present for Elaine.  It ended up a bit big - so in reality it was more of a mockingjay brooch.  Ha!

I tweaked this tutorial that I found on Pinterest.

Instead of using a photocopy of the mockingjay pin artwork from the book cover, I drew my own version of the pin by hand.

I then took tracing paper and traced each element of the pin separately ( the ring, the bird and the arrow) with a fine Sharpie marker.

I took some gold Sculpey Preemo! clay and rolled it out flat.  I then placed my tracing paper over the clay and took my stylus and traced over each pattern item into the clay.

I then took my clay sculpting tools and carefully cut the shapes out and put them aside.  I worked on smothing out all the rough edges of my cutouts with my styluses.  I also used them to carve out the detail on the mockingjay.

After assembling all of the pieces together, I baked it in the oven and then it came out looking like this.

I then painted the pin with some gold acryllic paint and a metalic brown paint.  I then topped it off with a couple of coats of  a Sculpey gloss glaze - but clear acryllic glaze would do if you had it at home.

Then I glued a pin to the back . .and . . . here is what it looked like.

I think when I give it a second go I'll reinforce the ring with some wire.  But other than that, not bad for a first go, I think.


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