mini puppets/magnets - shakespeare abridged

Remember that play I had made all those props for?  Well, it was my brilliant idea to make each cast member and member of the crew a small  puppet that looked just like them.

My grand plan was to have the cast's puppets in their orignal costumes and then give them costume changes as well.  (In the play itself there were multiple costume and wig changes.)  Then I was determined to make little props for each puppet to hold.

Unfortunately, if I had only thought of this earlier in the run I could have done just that.  But my great gift idea didn't come to me until the show's opening night.  Which of course, then just gave me a week to crank out I think it was nineteen puppets.

I ended just making one per person.  No costume changes.  And ony a few puppets recived props.  But everyone loved them!  They were a hit!

I've been thinking of expanding these felt puppets/magnets into a series of TV/Movie/geek interest ones.  I foresee some Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek ones in the future . . maybe also even Shaun  of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced puppets?

Who knows!


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