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My lack of blogging recently has been due to a committment I had making props for a production of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).  At this time, the show has gone up and finished its run.  It was a hilarious show and I was very proud to be a part of it.

Some of the items I had to make  were a challenge - such as creating a puppet theatre that stood a little taller than me ( I'm 5'8) out of cardboard boxes and the sock puppets that needed to resemble two actors in their costumes, to making a severed head pie, a fake eyeball, a comedic severed head.  But here are some of the items I had the pleasure of creating for this fabulous production.

Some of the hand puppets I made - for the play with in the play bit in Hamlet

The puppet theatre (constructed out of 3 coardboard boxes and some fabric.)

The severed head pie and fake eyeball for Titus Andronicus ( plain white mask, clay, felt, styrofoam ball and paint)

The laurel head wreath for Julius Caesar (fake floral leaves, wire, a head band and some floral tape)

The decapitated head for Macbeth

The pathetic tree branch/Birnam Wood - Macbeth

The sock ghost of Hamlet's father for Hamlet

Ophelia's dead body - Hamlet

A banner for the Hamlet encore


  1. Is there any way you happen to have a complete properties list for the show? I know it is a long shot, but I thought I'd try.


    1. So sorry, I do not have a complete properties list for the show. I was only contacted by the director to make those few props listed above. I assume by now your production must have taken place. I hope it went well! It was a hilarious show!


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