tutorial: how to make a golden snitch

Here it is!  Feel free to leave any comments/questions if you have any!  

Please use this tutorial for your personal use, not to make items for sale.


 - Kimberly


Supplies you will need:

Smoothfoam styrofoam ball – (1.5  inches / 3.8 centemeters in diameter)


Darice Embossed Angel Wings-White Iridescent-4.75 inch

Gold acrylic paints (I used 3 different kinds)

Black acrylic paint

Embossing stylus  - I used a couple of sizes.


Wooden dowel or whatever item fits into the small hole in the bottom of the ball.

I used super fine or extra fine

Very thin/fine wire
I used a piece of scrap wire I found in my supplies, so I can’t begin to guess what gauge it should be.

Craft glue


Take your Styrofoam ball and gently use sandpaper to sand down the seam. You will see the ball comes with a pre-drilled hole on one side.  I decided to keep this hole as the bottom of my Golden Snitch.

Then use your pencil and sketch out the ridges and details on the golden snitch.  I am sorry I do not have a template for this.  If I can figure out how to make one in the future, I will post it.  I did it all free hand, using the following pictures.

Make sure not to put too much pressure on the ball as you draw.  I learned the hard way that you can puncture the surface if you are not careful.

After you are satisfied with your sketches, take one of the smallest styluses and go directly over all of the pencil lines you drew on the ball.

Then take the largest size of your embossing styluses and use it to apply light pressure in all of the negative space in your sketches.  Basically you are creating all of the raised details on the snitch my compressing the rest of the ball around the pencil drawings.    You will also find that the closer you get to your sketch lines, the smaller tip of stylus you may need.  A word of caution, be very aware of how much pressure you are putting onto the stylus and ball.  You can (as with the pencil) go through the surface easily.  I had a few mistakes like that on my Golden Snitch.  To fix them, I filled the crater holes with craft glue.

* Side note - I can’t get enough uses out of my styluses.  Not only can you use them for embossing paper crafts, but I’ve also used them for carving out details with clay and now carving out details in Styrofoam!  A great set of multi-use tools.

After you are done,  you can sand down any of the areas you feel might still need smoothing out.

Then take your wooden dowel, or any straight item and place it into the small hole in the ball.  This will make it holding the snitch while painting/drying much easier.

Give the snitch a couple of coats of MagicKote.  Let dry.

Then give the snitch a few coats of gold paint.  Let dry.

Dry brush a little black paint onto the snitch, making sure to rub off the majority of it as soon as you paint it.  This will help create the shadows in the contours of your snitch.

Once dry, remove the snitch from the dowel. Fill the hole in the underside with craft glue and paint over it with gold paint and black paint as you did with the rest of the snitch.

Take the angel wings and cut them in half.  Take 2 very small lengths of your wire ( perhaps about an inch long each) and fold them in half – then open them till they each form  a letter “v” 

Take one piece of bent wire.  Gently try to work the opening of the "v" into the small gap on the cut side of the angel wing. Use a drop of craft glue inside the wing and hold it closed to secure the wire in there.

Repeat with the second wing.  Let both wings dry.

Take a straight pin and place a hole in each area of your snitch where the wings would be.  

Carefully bend the exposed part of the wire ( the bottom end of the "v") from each wing together into a point.

Work that now pointy end of each wire into the holes you created with the straight pin.  Make sure they are in up to the base of each wing.  Place a drop of craft glue on each to secure it.  Let dry.

You should be able to bend and reposition the wings a little bit so they can stay open at whatever width you prefer.

And tada!  

You have yourself a Golden Snitch any Harry Potter fan would love!

Make sure to post links to the Golden Snitches you make! 

I'd love to see them!


  1. Good Job! And it's so great that you also mentioned the supplies needed for this amazing golden snitch. Thanks for sharing!


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