harry potter craft swap - prisoner of azkaban (part 4)

The dolls were finally finished.  I decided to make them into magnets - and also made some parts of a few of the dolls (such as the school robes, the teaching robes and Hagrid's coat) removable.

Satisfied with how those turned out, I then felt I had to send the HP dolls to my craft partner in some sort of swap themed appropriate object.  I had created quite a few of them.

My solution: Hogwarts textbooks.  I had seen hollowed out paper mache sort of books in the craft store and thought about modifying two of them to look like books Hermione would have had in her school trunk.

The first, was my own design for Hogwarts, A History.  I decided to use this technique that I found on Pinterest.

My second book was  my own take on The Monster Book of Monsters that was featured in the book and movie.  Here is the official version that is sold:

And here is my own version of this book.


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