second sewing machine project - doctor who cosplay for ny comiccon 2012

New York Comicon has come and gone. . and besides cranking out my old Severus Snape costume, as a new Doctor Who fan  I wanted to wear Doctor Who inspired costumes for the other 2 days of the con.

At first I my wish was to go as Mercy Hartigan, however the period style dress, lack of time and lack of funds nixed that right away. But one day -  especially now that I feel more comfortable with my sewing machine skills. But one day, I will make that dress.

Then I was hoping to dress as the 10th Doctor ( David Tennant).  However finding a suitable brown pinstripe suit was just impossible, not to mention a nice pair of red or cream Chuck taylor sneakers in my size.  Not to mention, where was I going to get that damn overcoat?


Then I thought I could do a Weeping Angel costume.

I was slightly inspired by another person's attempt at this cosplay that I found on the internet.  But after a failed try at making the angel mask (which I really wanted to be frightening) I gave up.  I considered doing full body makeup for the cosplay -  but decided against it.

Then after taking a look at what I had in my personal costume collection, I decided to repurpose my Ren Faire corset and skirt and work around a steampunk inspired costume.

And to give it a Whovian twist, I decided to come up with my own take on one of the female regenerations of The Corsair, a character revealed to the audience in the Neil Gaiman written episode which I love called "The Doctor's Wife."

(As a side note -  an Idris costume ( another character from "The Doctor's Wife epsisode) might be in my future as well. ;)

Since a corsair was essentially a pirate, what evolved turned out to be a steampunk pirate/time lord/lady.

Confused yet?  Hope not.  It was a blast to make - and I'll use these next few posts to show what I put together.


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