the corsair - doctor who cosplay for ny comiccon 2012 - part one

For my steampunk Corsair cosplay, I had my red and black corset and my black underskirt I decided that I would use.

The first thing I decided to tackle was the assembly of a bustle, bustle pad and slight front apron overskirt.

I found this tutorial on how to make a bustle from a curtain panel- and I jumped on that bandwagon.  It was so much more affordable, and easy.  Because the panel was already hemmed on all sides, I found it very convenient - and it made the task of making the bustle so very easy.

Pardon the pictures, I do not own a dress form, so I first did the pinning while the fabric hung from a hanger, then jimmy rigged a stand for my keyboard into a makeshirt type of form.

This is the size of panel that I used.  I was able to make both the bustle and the front apron skirt out of one panel.

Here is the finished pinned bustle and overskirt on my modified music stand.

The tutorial for the bustle pad that I used was also very simple to make.

Here are photos of me actually wearing the skirts, pad and a crinoline I had to modify from being floor length to just above ankle length for me  in this skirt.  I also am wearing the corset, and a shrug which I decided to purchase for the costume.


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