the corsair - doctor who cosplay for ny comiccon 2012 - part four

Hey folks!  Sorry for the delay . . but the holidays were insane and I've been going non stop since then . . .but to get back to my Doctor Who cosplay from NYCC.

More and more accessories for my Corsair involved:

My attempt at a steampunk Time Lady chatelaine:

Which I hung from a chain belt.  Originally I had wanted it to be an assortment of pocket watches on one chain, but opted to have the chatelaine and a few other timepiece sort of ornaments hanging from it.

I had a set of old fashioned keys at my waist - one of which was my TARDIS key.

And a lovely small watch locket which I wore on a chain around my neck:


Not to mention my temporary Orbourous tattoo.  The technique I used can be found  here.


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