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I've taken a stab recently at making baby gifts for a few of my friends.

The first was a blanket for my friend Sarah.  I had just learned how to crochet and was really obsessed with granny squares (which I still am).  I was determined to see if I could just make one really big granny square into a blanket. Turned out well for a first try at making a baby blanket, but it did take me quite a while to make.  I have much admiration to those folks who can bang out more complicated baby blanket patterns quickly.

Little Alfie seems to like it.  I know his parents do too! 


Photo by his daddy: Trent Clarke

I also decided to make Alfie and his parents a wee geeky gift as well -  a Doctor Who inspired onesie.  And, well, once I found out they were going to call him Alfie, I couldn't resist.

Come on, I just had to do it :)


  1. How did you make the onsie? I love it, and my new baby will need it :)

    1. Sorry for the delay in my reply - was out of town for a bit.

      The process was fairly easy to do, really.

      1.)I found a plain unadorned onesie at a baby store. (They also sell them at craft stores as well.)

      2.) Then I went and purchased some iron transfer paper from my local Staples/office supply store. I used an Avery brand ( though I can't recall off hand if it was for the dark cloth transfer or for light cloth transfer) When you see the packaging, you'll decide which is best for you.

      3.) In a word processing program I typed out and centered the quote from the TV show. I used the American Typewriter font in bold - Size 40.

      4.) I did a search online for the show's logo, copied and uploaded it to my computer. I inserted the logo in my word processing document and then printed it on the transfer paper.

      5.) From there I just followed the directions for doing the iron on from Avery that came in the package.

      That's it! Easy Peasy!:)

      Feel free to come by and leave a link to your finished project if you'd like to share it!

      Happy Crafting!


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