ravenclaw diadem - work in progress - part 1

Another project I've started  (and is partially on hold as I tackle my TARDIS bag and another custom wand) is a replica of the Ravenclaw diadem from the Harry Potter movies.

I started off by sketching half of the diadem.

Then I took some tracing paper and an extra fine sharpie and copied the design a bit cleaner.  Then I took some carbon paper and traced the design on some white cardstock.  Then my trusty xacto knife and I cut it out.  Rinse, lather and repeat for the other side, but I made sure to flip my tracing paper to make a mirror image for the other half of the diadem.

I then added the center jewel.  My intention is to use this now as a template.  I bought some metal mesh which I (hopefully) can figure out how to cut to this shape, then cover it perhaps with some light air dry clay.


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