sketchbook project (yup, still in progress)

I know I haven't finished this sketchbook yet -  it's been put aside so many times to finish other projects.

But here are some of the pages I've finished since the last time I posted about the book -  if you recall, the theme given to me was "It's raining cats and dogs":

Pg 49 - 50

Left: "We are both lost / And Alone in the world / Walk With me / In the gentle rain / Don't be afraid, I've a hand / For your hand and I / Will be your love for a while."  - Diana Krall

Right: "A little rain will fill / The lily's cup which hardly moists the field." Edwin Arnold

pgs 53-54

Left: "If I wait for cloudy skies / You won't know the rain from / the tears in my eyes / You'll never know I still love you . . / So though the heartaches remain / I'll do my crying in the rain. "  - A-Ha

Right: "I've been through the desert / On a horse with no name / It felt good to be out of the rain."  - America

pgs 55 - 56

Left:"i opened my eyes and looked up at the rain / and it dripped in my head / and flowed into my brain / and all that i hear as i lie in my bed / is the slishity - slosh of the rain in my head."  - Shel Silverstein

Right:"Rain on the green grass / And rain on the tree / Rain on the housetop / But not on me."  - Mother Goose

pg 57-58

Left: "Hey where did we go,  / Days when the rains came  / Down in the hollow,   / Playin' a new game,  / Laughing and a running hey, hey  / Skipping and a jumping  / In the misty morning fog with  / Our hearts a thumpin' and you  / My brown eyed girl,  / You're my brown eyed girl."  - Van Morrison

Right: "there's a big wind blowin through town / The rooster crows /  But we're sleepin' past dawn / It's rainin' in paradise." - Neil Young

pg 59

"These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall / This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold. / This is the mystery of the quotient - upon us all, a little rain must fall." - Led Zeppelin


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