baking - chocolate cake doughnut dippers

I am a sucker for specialty baking pans.  It's not like I actually have room in our small home for all of the baking accouterments I salivate over every time I hit the stores.

But after stepping into a local Sur la Table and seeing this pan in a discount barrel -  I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The pan is intended for waffle like breakfast treats.  But I instead decided to find a good baked doughnut recipe and use that instead.

Of course I went to my favorite source for recipes  Pinterest.  I located this Donut House Baked Chocolate Glazed Donut recipe.

The directions called for adding some coffee into the glaze - but I decided to forgo that step because my toddler was going to be scarfing these down.

Here are the results:

My 3 year old daughter decorated them - can you tell?  I handled the glaze.  She worked the sprinkles.

I just have to remember for next tie to let the donuts sit long enough for the glaze to set.  I was in too much of a rush to put them away - they ended up sticky.  I also read somewhere that since the glaze was powdered sugar based I should wait for the doughnuts to cool completely next time before glazing them.

Hard to do -  they smelled - and tasted great warm!


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