new york comiccon 2013 - cosplay - clara oswald / rings of ahkahten (part 1)

This year due to the spirit of it being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I've decided to try to make it an all Whovian cosplay weekend for ComicCon.

(Sorry, Severus!)

As a back up I still have my Oswin Oswald costume from last year - which I may be able to tweak, if I can.

My next sewing project will be to work on his current companion (Clara Oswald) - and her outfit from the episode The Rings of Ahkahten.

I've already purchased a dress from Target that had a similar shape ( but not the high low hem).  I got it for cheap, because it was a light blue color and stained badly.  I've tried once to use RIT dye to change the color, but unfortunately the stain is still visible after I rinsed the garment.  

I'm going to give it another go round with another dye and see if that works.

If not, I did purchase some bluish cloth ( I'd probably try to dye that too if I can) to that great indigo blue.

I decided on this pattern for the dress:

If I cut for the longer dress, then I'd be able to modify it into the high/low hem.

I plan to try to make a stencil out of contact paper and use fabric paint to try to make the geometric design on the dress.

I hope to try to make her coat by modifying this pattern:

I also hope to get this fabric from Spoonflower to cover a blank book or notebook to make a copy of 100 Places to See.

I already have a red bag and ordered a similar eagle necklace.  I just need the shoes and tights to purchase.


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