tardis messenger bag - part 5 - finished!

After months of laboring over this project I am happy to say it is finally done!  It probably shouldn't have taken me that long, but since I was figuring things out as I was working -  and only working on it a few hours every few nights - it is a wonder it didn't take me longer to complete!

I am quite pleased with the finished bag.  This was my first bag that I ever made and I'm eager to make another for myself one day (AFTER I finish my NY ComicCon cosplays.)

Here are the final pics of the bag.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

The front of the bag.

Lift up the flap and your first pocket

The cloth covered belt buckles I used in place of slider and O-ring buckles

Turn the bag around and there is another pocket.  I decided to leave it unadorned.  Perhaps when I make a copy of this bag for me I'll put something in Gallifreyan there.

Then the zipper which keeps the main compartment closed:

And the inside compartment.  Roomy enough to hold your TARDIS keys, brainy specs, sonic screwdrivers - and your mail.  I really like the outer space lining!


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