tardis messenger bag - work in progress - part 4

Next in the TARDIS messenger bag process that I had been working besides finishing up the lining were 2 new additions/modifications to the pattern.

1.) Changing the existing strap to an adjustable one.  I found a few good tutorials on line here and here.

My main problem was that my strap (which was already sewn) was too wide for the few slider rings and O-rings I found at my local JoAnn's Fabrics.  My solution was to instead use 2 cloth covered belt buckles in their place.  Another local fabric store had a couple of these buckles on hand that I was able to cover with some extra fabric leftover after I had cut out my pattern.

I think both lining and adjustable strap turned out OK.

2.) The second issue for me was the matter of adding a zipper to close the bag's main compartment.  There was no closure of any kind included into the original pattern.

Maybe it's because I'm paranoid about pickpockets, but I had to figure out how to add a zipper to this thing to keep the owner's personal items safe when using the bag.

I cranked out (one of my now favorite sewing items) - my Dritz Easy Hem Gauge and easily pressed 4 rectangles of cloth to stitch onto the bag opening to enclose the zipper.

I pinned it in first to see if it fit OK.

Another plus: I also learned how to use the zipper foot which came with my sewing machine!


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