cornetto trilogy felt magnets

Remember those felt puppets and the Harry Potter felt magnets I made some time ago?

Well to commemorate and thank the creators of some of my favorite movies: The Cornetto Trilogy -  I decided to make a few more.

My goal: to create the two leading actors (Simon Pegg & Nick Frost) and their characters in each film in felt.

So you start off with a template:

Then focus on those details.

Shaun of the Dead

Hot Fuzz

Add a little blood (red acrylic paint) on those four little guys.

Finally -  The World's End.  You'll see I even added a mini version of the director of all three films: Edgar Wright.

And I added a swan for the Hot Fuzz duo . . that's a reference you may not get unless you watch the film. :)

I had the great pleasure of attending an advanced screening and Q&A (With Simon, Nick and Edgar) for The World's End.  Was fabulous.

A very kind person at Focus Features was able to pass the magnets on to the guys.

And, well . . . they definitely received them!


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